HoryZonty - Adventure Film Festival

We are living in the communication age that has no answer; at the same time there are only a few words by which we can express our feelings. And just for the reason of expressing our relationship towards the nature, we have decided to organize Adventure Film Festival HORYZONTY.

The first round of this festival took place in autumn 2006. As long as we were quite surprised by the rich demand for this festival, we began preparations for the next round as early as the beginning of the next year. In order to avoid first year’s awkward situation that the audience had no seats available, due to small seat capacity, we had to move the festival into bigger space which was the former House of Army facility (ODA). This facility was able to cover all of the people interested in our festival. To our pleasure, this perhaps seemingly inhospitable space proved to retain individual atmosphere by which this festival is being always accompanied.

The goal of this festival is to bring non-repetitive experience from mountain environment to the visitors through the documentaries, workshops as well as presentations. Besides quality documentary movies directed by world-known film directors, the program schedule also offers snapshots created by amateur film-makers from Slovakia, whereby there is an option for dignified presentation of works that otherwise would be sentenced to self home archives or home projections. Nowadays, as we see that the level of amateur movies improves year by year, we can say that it was a good step further.

So what is the festival about? It is about exploration, joy and discovery but mainly about meetings of those people who have something to tell to each other and with people for whom the mountains mean much more than a spot on the map. The festival HORYZONTY is simply for all individuals who are still fascinated by the world.