PORTER’S DREAM – Competition in carrying beer barrel

One of the most important things regarding survival of hard mountain ascents is the sufficient supply of liquids. Therefore, this year we decided to imply the Competition in carrying beer barrel among festival’s accompanying events. This competition is based on backpack carrying the 30 liter beer barrel (full barrel, of course) up and down the wooden parish stairs under Trencin’s castle. Porter who reaches the shortest time wins. This competition is opened to general public and will be split into two categories – adults and children up to 15 years. The difference will be in weight and content of the load. Competing children will be carrying up and down the fruit juices in the amount corresponding to their age. As it is partially clear from the above mentioned information, winner of this event is allowed to take the beer barrel directly to his/her home.

Competition Date:
8.11. 2008 - Saturday (during any whether conditions)

Parish stairs in Trencin (Farská ulica - Parish Street)

Starting time:
9.30 – 14.30 (continually)

Starting entry:
adults: 50,-SK
Children up to 15 years - free

Liquids in the packing