PHOTO EXHIBITION - WW8 expedition group - Tanec so Šivou (Dance with Shiva)

Theme: Water expeditions

Presenting Authors:

  • 1. Ganges Expedition 2003 – Dana Kolářová
  • 2. Alaknanda Expedition 2006 – Petr Novák a Honza Lásko
  • 3. Honza Zajíc Lásko – Petr Novák, and others…

Three minutes of phone call have changed basically everything. It has launched the chain reaction which was continually increasing in its pace. What was that about in 2003? About the crazy idea dwelling inside of Filip Jancar’s head - to go to India and try to run down the riverhead and one of the two sources of the Ganges river – river Bhagirathi. Six months later TV station Nova broadcasted a document about successful expedition Ganges 2003. Just couple days after the return from India another fatal moment came up. Watermen met a journalist Mirek Štětina and his fellow František Sláma – members of the Ganges expedition in 1977. Two watermen generations, which had something in common had joined, and the strongest linkage among them was a river.
It was just the holy river Ganges, which stirred the destinies of Petr Kašpar and Filip Jančar. This time it was not just a crazy idea but project which has started in 1977 when the Czechoslovak expedition did not manage to run down the second source of Ganges – rough Himalayan River Alaknanda.

The clew of occasions, which had been waiting for the opportunity to spot the day light for 30 years, started to unwind. It reminded unseen adventures and golden era of exploring expeditions in the 70’s of last century as well as tragic circumstances which were accompanying that time expedition.

On October 1st, 2006 the Alaknanda Expedition was started up. Petr Kašpar together with the other watermen stoke out to riverhead of the other source of Ganges River – Alaknanda. Just this expedition crossed Peter’s routes with another personality of worldwide watermen community who is Honza „Zajíc“ Lásko.

Photo exhibition Dance with Shiva recovers the moments of two expeditions heading to two various rivers, which are linked with just one name - Ganges. Both of them are its sources and its junction creates the holy river Ganges.
Photo exhibition will also introduce one of the significant, worldwide known waterman personalities - Honzu Zajíce Láska.