Petr Kašpar

Czech waterman, documentarist, and journalist

Petr Kašpar is a steady guest of film and travel festivals. His participation at these events is caused by his tremendous activity that he spends for participation, documentation as well as technical assurance of adventurous expeditions. His life-long passion for sports brought him to the world of expeditions. Petr was dedicated to athletics, water sports and climbing. Thanks to the random meeting with Petr Jilek , he gets deeper into the water sports and he becomes co-organizer of Water Day in Chocen. Consequently, the first water trip to Turkey comes up and Peter makes his first movie. Fascinated by this theme Peter devotes increasingly more time and effort to production of short movies reflecting wild water sports and water freestyle. Within Water Day in Chocen Peter prepares his first film festival. Right after that he is challenged to organize Water Freestyle European Cup – Prague Whitewater rodeo 2005. In 2003, peter was invited to join the Ganges expedition 2003 where he managed to record an essential moments in the history of Czech and world water sports – the first run down of the holy river worldwide. The next big success came with the long time planned expedition called Alakandra 2006. Up to now his last water expedition was the ethnology-water expedition Omo 2007- Journey to the clay river, which was organized in the fall 2007.

Adventure obsession as well as his endeavor to utilize gained experience brought him to the establishment of WW8 expedition group, which he has been managing up to now.

Honza Zajíc Lásko – kayaker

Honza Lásko has been devoted to water sports since his childhood. As a little boy, he was nicknamed as Zajic by his teammates in the Pardubice water club, this nickname has tied with him up to now. However, from that time he has grown to a personality respected by the entire waterman’s community. Wild water is his life and obsession, with his blue kayak Honza shows incredible tricks. New Zealand is his second home, country with the highest number of most difficult water terrains in the world. Zajíc will also take us to the other of his most favorite destinations which is Norway. Honza will summarize his achievements in the events unofficially named as „world championships”, and he will bring everyone into the astonishment when talking about his run down of the Huka Falls – legendary New Zeeland waterfalls, in that time having just much higher water volume flowing through as usually..

Besides of water sports, Honza also dedicates his free time to photography. His pictures will be presented within the photo exhibition Tanec so Šivou (Dance with Shiva).