Ice sculpture

Have you ever tried to carve into the ice with graving chisel? It is almost the same as carving into soft butter. Do you want to try and convince yourselves? Then this it the opportunity just for you!

For those who are interested in ice sculpturing we have prepared ice carving competition which will take place on Saturday November 8th, 2008. Every participant will have to create any sculpture from the piece of ice, with the shape of a 25 liter pail, within two hours. It can be anything such as portrait, mountain, composition, building, as well as something abstract. “This is not about professionalism since the jury will price a good idea” claimed one of the competition’s organizers and at the same time member of the jury – art sculptor Ján Gejdoš.

Anyone can join this competition – there are no age or experience restrictions. However, be aware that the number of participants is limited, 10 of you has the chance. Register ASAP! (As Soon As Possible).

8. 11. 2008 – Saturday (in any kind of weather conditions)

Farská Street in Trenčín (in front of Farske stairs)

Starting time and end time:
11.00 – 13.00

Starting fee:
100 Sk (to be paid before the start of competition)

1. place: 1000 Sk
2. place: 750 Sk
3. place: 500 Sk

Further information on:

Jury Members:

Ján Gejdoš – Art sculptor born in Czech Republic, Příbram. During his studies of artistic sculpture at VŠVU in Bratislava he performed in Trenčín. If you take a walk across our town you can admire some of his art works, such as the portrait of Jozef Branecky located on grassy surface in the middle of Mierove Square.

Ivona Žirková – born in Martin, 9. 8. 1978. During 1993-97 she studied at School of Art Design in Bratislava under the leading wand of prof. Milan Bočkaya and Marián Meška. Then she graduated from the College of Visual Arts in Bratislava (1997-2003) under the leading wand of prof. Daniel Fisher. In 2001 she performed in Prague participating on special internship in the atelier of classical painting techniques of prof. Zdeňek Beran.


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